Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My favourite podcasts.

Okay, I promised I'd list my favourite - and therefore the most studiously listened to - podcasts.

So, looking at iTunes, I've got stuff from BAC, TED and WC. But here's the ones I will always keep up-to-date with. In reverse order:

5: The Moth - stories told live, without notes to audiences in the US. Can be funny, sometimes odd, but always an insight into real life in other parts of the western world and how to tell a story.

4:Pods & Blogs + Digital Planet -It's a tie. the former being tales of online culture, technology & innovation from BBC Five Live. The latter being a BBC World Service programe with a global take on what's happening with technology. I probably would have tied three ways with the Guardian Tech Weekly, but it's lost it's way a bit without Aleks and Jemima!

3: Something Beautiful - a (partially) homegrown collection of stories of people's faith journeys. Knowing one of the hosts from back in the day helped me persevere when Thomas was on his soapbox, but the encouragement from listening to these stories has been tremendous. Leaves me thinking what my story would be.

2: Spark - a recent addition to my downloads, but what a quality one. Beautifully produced, witty and packed with insights. All about our digital lives - asking questions about how we live and how technology is influencing that.

And the podcast that always gets listened to first (and often repeatedly) is

1: Mars Hill (Grand Rapids) - teaching from a church in North America might not be the obvious one, but I have found the content from these guys to be thought provoking and continued in a widening of my view of the world.

So that's my top 5!

Thank you to all the producers and contributors who keep my ears filled with varied and helpful things!


Johnny said...

Nice to see my buddies at SBPodcast getting a mention! :-)


headphonaught said...

Soapbox ??? :-)

Thanks for listening... and persevering with me.


theWeir said...

@Jonny - thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading about your new adventure. looking forward to hearing more as you take the world by storm!

@T - No need to persevere. I know how to fast forward, y'know ;->