Thursday, 28 January 2010

We're just friends

I've written before about volume vs quality.

Something I heard last week made me think that we can all have lots of connections with people - either in person or online.

We might have gone to school, played music, worked or even shared food together. Although that last one is unlikely given my appetite...

Or we might have commented on the same blog, listened to the same podcast or joined the same topic-based social network and made a connection through that

Anyway, however we're connected - do we place a different value on how that connection is made?

Whether offline or online, we're still friends - to a greater or lesser extent. Sure we only know as much about each other as we make time to find out, but that doesn't mean we're not friends.

And we can, according to studies, only handle 150 connections anyway!

Or do you see it differently?

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