Monday, 4 January 2010

I knew I liked the guy...

We've all got our critics. Mark Driscoll, pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in North America, has plenty.

I might not agree with him on everything he says (especially when it comes across that he's got is all figured out), but I did agree with him when he said this:

New Years Resolution #2 - I resolve to make fun of any man who owns anything with the word Twilight on it,...

Perfect. I agree.


headphonaught said...

I really would like to see Mark Driscoll TRY to make fun of me... on the train... reading ECLIPSE.

He is the epitome of everything that's wrong with the church... with his macho posturing et al.

As for you... well... a wee bit of teasing would be allowed... in the name of banter... because you are a friend.


theWeir said...

now Thomas... what was all that stuff about loving people? :->

"everything that's wrong with the church"

I'm not anyone has it all figured out. Especially me. And I want to affirm truth wherever I see it. Truth as defined in Jesus - but also truth that points to Jesus.

Be that from the Buddah, or Mark Driscoll.

Just to be clear tho, I don't get the need for such dogmatism. That leads to bitterness (at least for me).

I wonder if Jesus was harshest on the Pharisees as they missed the point, but I don't think he stopped loving them. I find there's a challenge to love and disagree.

headphonaught said...

OK... you got me there... there are worse than him. Just don't get him, to be honest.


theWeir said...

I don't get a lot of people either! Including me, sometimes.

But it's helpful to listen to voices you don't always agree with - stretches your own perspectives and helps grow patience and maybe long-suffering!

Interesting to see MDs response to the Pat Robertson stuff: Basically, we don't know what's going on other than people need prayer and practical help. I can affirm that for now.

Grace & Peace,