Thursday, 21 January 2010

Is Facebook becoming a Blogging Platform (amongst other things)?

I was thinking about some approaches to social media for a friend the other day and a thought struck me. Just one. But a good one.

In the *past* (just a few years), if you were trying to gather people online around a particular product, service, cause or issue, you'd set up a blog or wiki site and that would be great for publishing. A bit tricky to format if you had zero web skillz, but with time, effort and good content, do-able.

With Facebook launching pages last year, and taking a few feet of their walled-garden, don't you think that this will be the first place many will think to start? It's pretty simple to create a page and share it - for your friends to then share it. And you get analytics (albeit limited compared with other tools). And as people get involved, they get notifications in their feed that show what's going on - driving interest and hopefully building the conversation towards creating community. You'd wonder why someone would go to the hassle of faffing with wordpress or blogger if you can just create a Facebook page and add your content?

Okay, there's lots of reasons why not - like search, like layout contol, like music plugins being poor, like not being tied to *one* platform, like analytics. But if you just want to, say, start a campaign to get RATM to number one in the UK singles chart, why not start it on Facebook and see if it flies...

Just a thought.

Is it any good?


Jonathan Blundell said...

I can see it easily becoming that - even with just notes on individual profile pages (thinking about "blogs" on Myspace).

However, I'm not recommending it to people as Facebook is still a bit of a walled garden and I'm still not certain of their privacy policy. They still haven't regained my full trust yet after several "stunts" so I'm cautious about how much I really give/share with them.

But for my mom or dad - it could be another easy blogging platform.

theWeir said...


Thanks for the comment.

I hear a few people talking and others writing about concerns over the use of data in Facebook. I share some of the concerns, but maybe I'm not so risk-averse... ;-p

Totally agree that for some folks it's lowering the barrier of entry to blogging.

Thanks again for your thoughts.