Friday, 1 January 2010

for the road ahead

So it's 2010. Who'd have thought we'd burn through a decade, just like that. But we didn't, did we? There have been such rich experiences in our lives that I can't help but be amazed we packed it all into a few short years.

Thing is that while I appreciate that it's a new year, it doesn't feel like a New Year.

Why? Well, it's my birthday in a few days (which is not a plea for gifts or sympathy). In recent years, I've found that my birthday is more of a point of reflection and renewing than the calendar year ticking over.

So, I've not really done a lot of thinking about the past year yet - or planing this year either. I'm not quite ready. Reading what Stewart wrote showed that I'm definitely not as ready as he is.

But I will be soon.

I've been thinking about dreams. Some long ignored, others intentionally swept aside, waiting for the right time. I'm asking things like - is now the time. Is this when I should be pursuing that idea further?

All that said, I'm not about to lay out the next 365 days in a rigid template. It's not about having it all figured out.

So, what can we do on 2010 then people? Life is, after all, for living - right?

"Second star to the right - and straight on 'till morning"

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Okay, here's my thoughts on the New Year: