Friday, 29 January 2010

Mediated View of the World

At the CofS event I attended last week, I heard Professor John Eldridge talking make reference to us living in a mediated world.

While I would completely agree. But it's nothing new. It's not something that the advent of radio or TV has instigated, it's just become more noticable, we've become more savvy (or cynical) and that the internet has exposed much of it.

Since our earliest days, the evidence suggests that our history has been passed down from one generation through stories, songs, pictures, etching, carvings - the list goes on. By it's very nature, these events are mediated. They are not experienced first hand. So what's the point then?

Our view of the world has always been mediated. In every aspect of life we are given the *facts* from a certain point of view. What's unclear, however, is how objective, impartial or reliable that point of view actually is. I guess that's why it's helpful to get a balanced view of the world. To hear things from more than one person who was there. There's plenty of content I don't watch/read/listen to because I frankly don't think it's reliable.

We're far more aware of the simple (and sometimes complex) plays of the Marketing Professional (a mis-nomer?). Gently manipulating our view of the world to favour their brand of product or service.

If I'm uncertain of the validity of some sources of information, how do I reconcile my faith in God and that there are truths I hold to be unshakeable. Some might argue that these things I hold to be true are only "true" from a certain point of view. Other might say that nothing is true and it's all just a breath in the wind, but the convictions of my soul say otherwise.

The risk is that dogmatism sets in and there's no room for grace. No room for the breathe of God to blow through, bringing life.

So yes, my view of the world is mediated. And I'm not ignorant of that. And I think that's all I can ask for. Other than some discernment of what is really going on.

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