Monday, 28 December 2009


Nearly two years ago, Mrs theWeir surprised me with the gift of an iPod. A very extravagent gift for my 29th Birthday.

A bit of context, if you'll permit me.

Since the demise of the cassette Walkman as a practical way to listen to music on the go, and a brief flirtation with Mini Disc (via a gift from work), I'd been off the mobile music for a fair few years. Other than having a car, but that was a bit big to carry around with me.

Back to the iPod. I'd been adding our CD collection to iTunes pretty steadily since we'd gotten the Powerbook two years earlier. But picked up the pace a bit when the iPod arrived.

Then, after a couple of months (okay, six) when listening to a radio programme, I heard them advertising some newfangled "podcast" thing. Wait. That sounded familiar. Oh yeah, I've seen that mentioned on iTunes.

So, I had a quick look for some podcasts on the iTunes store. And I was hooked.

I have about 20 podcasts I try to listen to regularly - from faith (the stories on something beautiful) to fun (the stories on the Moth).

What makes this medium so effective for me is the authenticity. That you get to hear the real people talking about what's important to them, about what they know. Sharing their views.

There's been one risk of all this pod-tastic content. Like being bombarded with flour bombs, there comes a time when you can't move. Fuelling the thirst for more & more content sucks time - and brain power - and leaving less time for being still. For personal reflection. In my case - for being quiet and waiting on God.

Despite this challenge, I can honestly say that I have learned so much from all the podcast content I've listened too that I have grown. I have learned. I have come closer to God through people's stories.

I'm still refining my top five recommended podcasts, will post them later this week.

In the meantime, it's the time of year when lists come out on the TV, so what are are your favourite podcasts?


evenflowdave said...

Yep - listening to or watching a podcast that is in some way educational beats watching eastenders and corrie any day.

I like to keep up with garry vaynerchuk on his personal/media vlog and his wine show

Also recommend cameron reilly's podcast.

theWeir said...

Thanks for your comments, Dave, adding Cameron Reilly as we speak...

Veynerchuk has done wonders, but I think I want to give him some Ritalin!

headphonaught said...

Hey Andy... thanks for listening to the something beautiful podcast... it means a lot to hear unsolicited feedback like that.

As for the podcasts I listen to... well... I have a ton waiting to be listened to... including:
* Mosaic
* Marshill
* Speaking of faith with Krista Tippett
* The Bored Again Christian
* Cool Hunting Videos
* Electronic Periodic
* Glasgow PodcART
* Hey Brooklyn
* Homebrewed Christianity
* Revolution NYC
* TED Talks

I should really make more time for them... Tx

theWeir said...

Nice one, T. Thanks for the comments.

That's a healthy list there. I have to say, I probably listen to Pocasts more than music now. I use more as an aid to reflection, or to reflect how I'm feeling - rather than just something to listen to.

I probably listen to less 5Live too as a result. Not saying that's a bad thing!.

Having just updated iTunes & sync'd the iPod, I have 365 unlistened to podcasts. That's a whole lot of content to get thru.

Back to work tho, so that'll help.

Grace & Peace.

Jonathan Blundell said...

Thanks for listening to the podcast!

My podcast time has diminished greatly in 2009 (as compared to 2008).

Not riding the bus has taken away some of my "free time."

But my top podcasts are:
Homebrewed Christianity
Bored Again Christian
The Story
This American Life

theWeir said...

@jb - thanks for the comments. And podcast list.

Thanks for the sb podcast too.

A few years ago, I rode the bus to work and read the bible through for two years straight. Then I started cycling. I found it hard to read as much...

Jonathan Blundell said...

@theweir yeah i can see that. makes me miss the bus personally. i'd rather take the train but the closest stop is almost halfway to the office. kinda defeats the purpose.... doh!