Monday, 11 January 2010

Days like this are sweet

A friend (and former McColleague) used to sing the first few lines of a Chemical Brothers song over lunch. But not like that. At least, I don't think it was like that.

Anyway, yesterday was one of those days.

Okay, so it was my birthday. In case you missed this. But I got a long lie (7.55am!). I also got to play with the WeeWeir for a bit. I got to spend time with parts of my family and speak to others on the phone. I got to take a walk in the snow, investigate a few nooks & crannies and take some pictures. I got to eat cake. I got the surprise of a curry when Jenny came home from work. I got to speak to some friends on the phone. I got a fair few birthday greetings over the interwebs and I got some cards & gifts too.

Days like this are sweeeeeeet.

Thank you, everybody. Let's do it all again soon!


PS - there were things I missed and people I didn't Hi5 and things I might have handled differently, but I mustn't grumble.

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