Wednesday, 7 April 2010

old and new

I've been involved in what might be described as Church Music for a long time. More than half my life - and I'm not *that* old.

I say that not to claim expert position or some kind of stature, but that in recognising that I've been involved in something like that for a while, the possibility is there that I find it mundane. Or just crank out the same old tunes. Or stick to what is safe.

But my perception of what have made the *best* times of what is also described as Worship has been when there's been a simplicity, depth and sense of Presence. It's times like that when you feel like it's hard to move. Like the air is thick with awe. Like the air you are filling your lungs with is richer than the air somewhere else.

Those are physical feelings for something that's apparently just a spiritual experience. But who said that there's no connection between the physical and the spiritual.

All of this has been in my head as I reflect on the power of simplicity. Of the deeply profound impact that a simple word can have. That a simple act of kindness can have.

I have wondered if this is the pressing down, shaking together and running over spoken of in Luke 6:38

There's no formula that will see this happen, other than making room for God and following where He is going.

Have you felt this before?

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