Tuesday, 20 April 2010

...and relax

One of the many things I enjoy is stretching.

My back has been sore since Saturday - partly because of dancing with Mrs theWeir at Colin & Sue's 25th Wedding Anniversary, and partly because I haven't done much stretching.

There's something satisfying about a good stretch. My experience is there's many physical benefits, but mainly it's the after-stretch feeling that I like.

Something I *don't* like to see stretched is an image. It's one of those things that bug me if I see it when looking at a slide deck someone else has made. Not that everyone does it, or that it's always inappropriate, but there's something to be said for maintaining the integrity of the original image. Particularly if it's copyrighted ;-p

Jan wrote this gentle reminder and this more detailed how-to if you want to have a higher-resolution image.

Does this bug you?

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Stewart Cutler said...


Like you I like stretching muscles and my brain but can't stand seeing images all out of proportion.