Friday, 30 April 2010

Get it right...

This post is about the election. Again. This time, it's about design, not content. We received two non-addressed flyers in for the candidates for our constituency.

Oh dear.


Standard template (as most of these things are), however the layout on the send side is pretty poor. As for the image of the candidate - oh dear. Was that a family picture that you've cropped to size?

Score: 5/10


There's about 18
abominations against the laws of good aesthetics here, surely. And again, the image of the candidate is poor. Mr Orr looks barely alive. Never mind the policies, I'm not sure he's going to survive until the
votes are counted...

Score: 1/10

Fortunately, elections aren't about being the best looking candidate. Thatcher won, after all. Nope, elections should be about the issues. And each of these parties has their three point plans laid out pretty clearly (that'll be the tick marks then).

The SNP seemed to send us more personal correspondence - addressed to Mrs theWeir and I separately. Which is interesting as I'm pretty sure we're on the edited electoral

Anyway, it's actually a decent letter and an interesting wee flyer.

Shame that the flyer made me think of being here, in New Zealand...

So, have you had any examples of beautiful design from your candidates?

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