Sunday, 11 April 2010

Authenticity: who are you anyway

So, Mitch wrote about Personal Branding being dead. I think he's got a point - but I'm not sure I agree entirely.

I heard in a piece on a recent episode of Spark that the team at OK Cupid try to come up with the statistically most-effective way to succeed at making a connection on their service. it's all about the Maths.

But it's not.

And as soon as we say "here's how to do it", then many of us (including me) will think "we've got it" and follow the twelve steps to instant success. Whatever the context for those steps. But you and I know that life is far more nuanced than that, right?

And we also know that

This is why I think Trust Agents works. As Chris and Julien keep banging on about this being an opportunity for you to shine. I think is what Seth is getting at in Linchpin too (tho I've not yet read it, if you have please chip in your views)

And to be fair to the fella from OK Cupid, they are not suggesting that if you follow the norm you'll get a connection.

Interestingly, the people to were most successful at using their service were those who displayed some kind of personality.

Which is great because now we can self-publish and tell the world (and our one reader) what we think, who we are and what we had for breakfast then our true colours can come through. Our light can shine and our flavour can be evident.

And that's what we were made for, after all!

This is the light I want to shine. What about you?

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