Friday, 9 April 2010

Will you share your life with these people?

Many people social networking is a fad.

Plenty others say that's nonsense and it's the future.

I'm becoming more aware of the need to be an active part of a community. I'm thinking that this is where it's at.

Whatever the community - a family, a student flat, your colleagues, the guys in the pub you see every night, the parents you spend more than a passing second with - these connections enrich our lives, or at the very least give us something to talk about!

Back to this technology stuff. Whatever happens in the months and years ahead, we're unlikely to end up back in the dark ages of having to phone a bank - never mind go into it - to find out how much is in our account. But that's not really social.

As the network effects start to infiltrate how we consume content (has anyone else found that following the twitter feed relating to a TV show or live event while watching said show/event) the experience becomes richer, albeit a little nosier. Sure, we've still got to learn how to filter and how to find space to reflect and form our own conclusions, but there's something in the connectedness that can add such depth.

Finance is typically something we don't talk about much. Well, we probably do, but it's generally in abstract.

What happens when some of the walls come down and we can feel comfortable sharing our financial experiences with our (genuine) friends?

I work for a Financial Services company (please don't unsubscribe now...).

What does it mean for our organisation to embrace this change - how can we lead it?

I'd love your thoughts!

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