Monday, 5 April 2010

Business as Usual

I was at work today, Easter Monday. It's a holiday for many people, but there were plenty of us in the office.

I was working on a few old ideas, and trying to get some new stuff happening, when I realised something. My current role came around because I tried some new stuff out - and it worked.

Reflecting on this, I realised some of the hardest steps have been to move things from being odd, outside or just plain new into being the way things should be. And that's not really a hard thing to do - it's just not straight-forward, and generally not much fun. Often it's not a good idea either.

So I decided to go back to where the fun started - and just suggest some things that were on my mind.

What's the worst that can happen? That my perception goes down in people's eyes?

I'm really not sure that matters, because while I've read and learned a lot from Trust Agents, I'm not trying to build myself a tower of self-accomplishment.

What's my motivation for being at work?

I spoke about that yesterday here.

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