Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sleep | Habits

Habits are great. Habits are the *worst* thing ever.

Last week, wasn't the best for the weeWeir and sleeping. While Jenny bore the brunt of that, it impacted us both. But let's be clear. It hit Jenny much more than me.

That said, I found myself on Thursday morning, en route to work, thinking that I could either shrink into the corner, be unproductive and generally sleep through the *working* day, saying "I'm knackered" and "here's why" as an excuse.

Or I would acknowledge that I need more energy, but I'll do my best. I'd be able to do more than survive the day, but be able to enjoy these (albeit slightly fuzzy) moments of life.

And if it goes well, and good things come out of it, then that's good. I can't blame a lack of sleep for things going well, but I'm not going to blame that for things not going well!

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