Tuesday, 2 February 2010


It's nice to give. It's nice to give out of more than just your abundance, but give something that costs.

Like your blood. (warning, this topic may make some people feel a little wooooooozy)

Think about it in abstract and it's a bit bizarre to consider your blood going into a bag. Deliberately.

I got a letter from the Scottish Blood Donor Service saying thanks for donating in 2009. This was more than just a few lines and a "thank you", but included four stories of real people whose lives were changed - or even saved - thanks in part to the blood they received. It's always more personal when there's a real story being told.

I carried this letter in my bag for a few days to remind me that I need to go and give blood again soon. Why? because I'm not just putting blood in a bag, but I'm putting blood in a person.

And that's a very encouraging thought.

You can read the stories and get involved at www.scotblood.co.uk

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