Thursday, 18 February 2010

watch this..., I'm not going to do tricks.

And neither is Jamie Oliver, but here's a raw, impassioned plea for the United States (and the rest of the west) to do something about what we eat.

It's not the best talk you will ever see or hear, but it's real, it's from experience and I don't think it's about self-promotion. While there's bound to be plenty of people who will say that he's not got all his facts right, you can't miss that there's truth in what he says.

Oh, and he tells it with brutal honesty. I love that.

What do you think?


Johnny said...

Jamie did a great job here

theWeir said...

Completely agree, Johnny. Thanks for your comment.

It was refreshing to see JO nervous, unpolished and telling his story with passion.

He might have done a *better job* to please some people who like that kinda thing, but I don't care. He was effective enough to get the message across.

That's what it's about!