Monday, 21 September 2009


It's not a new thought, but each of use face choices in each moment of our living.

We make a lot of choices automatically - you're breathing now, aren't you?

The choices we make now determine our future - they influence the way we percieve the world. The choices we make influence the way the world perceives us. I would suggest we also shape the world we live in by the choices we make. Which is an interesting thought.

Will I shave today?

Will I ride my bike, or take the car to work?

Will I be on time, or try to fit in *one more thing* before leaving?

Will I put the needs of someone else before me?

Will I put my trust in a system, a currency or something more eternal?

Will I be true to my word or let a few things slide?

As a follower of Jesus, I want my choices to bring Glory to Him.

Father, let me point people to You - the source of life. Jesus, thank you for the grace to live in the light of who I was made to be. Spirit, empower me to make the right decisions as I walk with You.


Tobit said...

really like the prayer you use.

and yes, I agree, we shape the world we are part of by the choices we make.

now that can be a scary thought!

we often end up discussing 'situational ethics' at work (but having just googled that, we have not discussed it in a christian context!)

inspired by Mars Hill we have adopted the 'love wins' vision in our house - our aim is that every choice we make honours this.



theWeir said...

thanks for your comment, Tobit.

Our church family accidentally fell onto the theme of "love God, love people" in January - and for 2010 are challenging ourselves to "love God more, love more people".

I'm off to get lost in a sea of situational ethics (also known as lunch... :-P).

Grace & Peace