Wednesday, 30 September 2009

but I just don't want to...

Nearly two months ago, I had the privilege of speaking at Kings Church, Motherwell.

Following some recent musings on what the bible has to say about the heart, I spoke about that very topic.

I read Seth Godin recently when he spoke about "The Confusion". Interestingly, he was getting at a similar point to Mark Driscoll when he spoke about wisdom & the heart. We look at the surface, and really the truth behind what's happening is further upstream.

Here's what Godin said:

The external world is remarkably consistent, and yet we blame it for what's going on inside of us. People who think the world is going to end always manage to find a new thing that's going to cause it to end. People itching to be bummed out all day long will certainly find an external event that give their emotion some causal cover. The thinking happens long before the event that we blame the thinking on.

Products are remarkably similar, yet we use their marketing stories as an extension of our self-image and self-esteem. Should a new phone really make you that happy?

How often are we sold on the dream - the *perfect* holiday/house/device/music/art/person/animal/lamp/font/design/photograph/food/performance. These things are all valuable in their way, but cannot replace the deep desire of a renewed heart - to bring Glory to Jesus.

I think that's what I was trying to say when at KC. "whose Glory is it for anyway?

As an aside, I listened to Mark Driscoll while weeding in the garden - which is always a time when I have felt challenged & drawn to deeper things in God. There's something about pulling out weeds that speaks to me about refining, honing and clearing out the garbage that can so easily restrict the movement of my heart.

Do you buy the dream you are sold? Do you think our heart has anything to do with it?

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