Sunday, 27 September 2009

You are with me

Well, not literally. But perhaps emotionally and definatley technologically. Are we friends on Fb, do we follow each other on twitter, friendfeed,, Flickr, Facebook, bebo or

Well, here's the thing. Earlier this year, I played some drumkit and percussion on a recording project my friend (and long-time musical collaborator) Clive Parnell was working on.

The result of the studio time is now here, released for the world to hear. You can buy a plastic disc of the songs (CD) from Clive (see his Facebook group here), or through CD Baby, or you can buy the digital tracks from iTunes and, erm, CD Baby.

But this is not about selling CDs or downloads to make money. FULL DISCLOSURE: I make nothing from the sales or otherwise. Those are not affiliate links. In fact, 30% of the proceeds goes to support the work of UCCF.

This is about sharing the music, helping people connect with God though it and hopefully resourcing the church.

Clive and I have spent a bit of time looking at ways to share more than just the songs with people, so he's written some blog posts about where the songs came from and we're working on some other material that will support the songs.

Check out the tunes on MySpace here, read some of Clive's blog posts and if you want to get involved, get the tunes from the links above.

So there you have it, musical-plug over and out.

Grace & Peace,


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