Friday, 17 July 2009

Life in a Corporate

Let's be clear, I work for a reasonably large Corporate. I work in an area of that Company that interacts with employers, including large Corporates.

All that said, I really enjoyed watching this video interview with Douglas Rushkoff on the Colbert Report. He was talking about his new book Life Inc. the author does well to handle the interviewer, and clearly this is not an irrational anti-capitalist, but someone with a passion for more fulfilling (and local?) lives than we have right now.

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I've been meaning to read some of Rushkoff's written and video content from Boing Boing and just never got round to it. I think this might encourage me to do that now...

What do you think? Are we "ruled by corporations" or are we free to do what we like. I really like the idea of doing nothing being rebellion against the ruling Coporate class - not because I want to do nothing, but because I think we can live far more intentional lives than we do. At least, I think I can lead a more intentional life!

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