Friday, 10 July 2009

behavioural change

here's a thing.

I was listening to Mark Driscoll talking about the heart. Not the physical part of our anatomy that pumps blood, but the core of our being.

I might not agree with everything that is said, or maybe just how it was said, He made an interesting point about how we try and *fix* things about us we don't like. Often what happens is we make changes to our behaviour as that's what we want to be different. Seems logical, right?

As someone who has often wanted to change things I do (like get back into running at lunchtimes when at work, or spending more time reading), I have often thought there's more than simply fixing one thing or another, but there's something more.

Mark Driscoll pointed out that in many cases, what we do with our time/energy/thoughts is actually an outworking of something deeper. I completely agree.

Where is my heart? That's where my treasure is. Am I actually interested in learning or just making myself look good? What's my motivation?

My hope is that my motives are mainly okay, but it's good to be clear on what's going on in your life and why.

I'm no where near sorting this out, but with one thing I'm clinging to right now is that I believe that my faith in Jesus has seen my motives being renewed. Being reborn and, let's use a theological term - sanctified.

So I'm challenged to be real about what my motives are and deal with those. My prayer (yes, I'm doing more of that these days) is to see more of my deep motives come to the fore and impact the way I live.

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