Thursday, 24 June 2010

You have reached your destination

"Really?", I ask.

"You have reached your destination" chimes the Satellite Navigation again.

"I think you're lying".

How often do we think we've made it. We've cracked it. We can do it.

Then we realise we're nowhere. Or at least not where we meant to be. And we have to re-adjust. I was thinking about the conflict of Maps and Satellite Navigation and GPS. Sat Nat works well when we need to get somewhere and don't have time, but maps let us understand where we're going and why we're taking certain routes.

For the past wee while I've been a little uneasy about work - what am I doing, is it fun (which is important, right?), do I enjoy being there. Just when we think we've arrived, we often find that there's much more to come.

The journey makes life interesting, the people we share the journey with are all the more important.

You share the journey with me and for that, I thank you.

Grace for the road.



Tobit said...

great post, reminds me of one I wrote called Sat-Nav God


theWeir said...

Ooo, nice one, Tobit.

Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts. I'd not seen it with as much grace as that!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting soon as you get what you desire (or reach your destination) there is always something else more desirable to obtain (or get to). But that is the nature of life. And indeed I believe you are right. - it's the journey, the experience of getting from A to B that's important. But I suppose you could liken it to an exam; the exam is important. Passing the exam is vital. All importance is placed on the exam and you are congratulated for sitting it. However it is the work and learning you have put into the period prior to the exam that is actually vital. The exam is but a milestone, the learning is life.

theWeir said...

I like the EXAMple (sorry...). Interesting that we work to achieve a certain level, and in working we learn. It's the journey after all.

That said, I think the destination does matter. If your destination is destructive that's not going to help anyone.

Those we share the journey of life with are those who keep it interesting...