Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not a fan of complaining for the sake of it...

...but I just submitted this to the BBC and Ofcom...

First off, let's be clear. I have nothing against the BBC. No axe to grind. I'm also no fan of News Corporation, but that's no reason to let insensitivity on the BBCs part be unchallenged.
Catching the 10 o'clock news today, I was shocked by the events in Cumbria today. I appreciated the timeline laid out and the initial reports of the what had gone on.
I was then a little disturbed when the use of the phrase "hunted down" was used in the second report to describe the actions of the gunman today. We don't know if he intentionally hunted down all those people he killed. It's wrong to even suggest that. We simply don't know (as other BBC correspondents admitted).
While my thoughts were with those who were in mourning and those victims still alive and possibly fighting for their lives (no news on them?) I understand that many would be asking "why?" and using that to channel their confusion, anger and frustration at what had taken place.
Then in the third report... there was an interview with a member of (excuse my ignorance and lack of the organisations correct name) the Gun lobby saying "don't do anything rash, we might not be able to host the Olympics again".
There's 12 people DEAD because of a licenced gun and we give a monkeys about staging the Olympics again.
Come on.
No-one has said guns will be banned tomorrow so do we really need to hear about this kind of thing right now? Now, I get that the BBC want to be seen to be balanced. I understand that.
But there's people grieving and there was little if no effort to bring those people to the minds of your viewers. I'm not talking about having tearful widows on camera.
Just have some respect. Please?
The general tone of the whole section was more balanced than some other news outlets, however, can we have some consideration for those who have lost loved ones.
Can we have some marking of the moment, rather than rushing to find answers that will come in the fullness of time? I hope I am not alone in this.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Did you see the News at Ten on the BBC tonight? Did you agree with what I wrote? It'll be on iPlayer here.

Feel free to contact the BBC here. And Ofcom here.

And pause a moment to remember those who died. Those injured. Those who have been affected by today's events.

Lord, have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Andy. There's always too much looking for someone or something to blame and very little thought for those who suffered or lost.


theWeir said...

Thanks for your comment, Alan.

Did you see the follow up post I made today?

I wonder if this approach to reporting is part of our way of deflecting grief (or shock) and missing the lament.