Tuesday, 8 June 2010

That's no moon

Yesterday, @headphonaught wrote about the ADIDAS/Star Wars Cantina advert. You can read his post here.

I commented:

From watching it on my Desire, the clip looks really well made. That's a good thing. I'm with you in feeling slightly uncomfortable about it though. For long enough, the Star Wars universe was a mystery. It was hard to watch the films as there were limited runs of VHS tapes, and very seldom shown on network TV. That air of mystery added to the experience of actually watching the films.

In recent years as George Lucas has opened up, and as culture shifts online and more of the visual media we consume is remixed then this kind of thing is inevitable. Sure, it may cheapen the experience a little, but we call that progress, don't we? It's almost like you including a bit of classic Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock in a crazy mixtape!

Funny I enjoyed the
Chad Vader sketches more than this - Maybe because it was more original?

Today, I came across this (via JD Walt). It's way lower budget, but somehow seems to capture the intent of Star Wars more than the Adidas short.

(on YouTube here)

Maybe, it's because it's faintly ridiculous, but clearly made with a lot of love. Maybe it's because it's about sustainable farming. Maybe it's just 'cos I'd like to make fun stuff like that. Whatever reason, there's many many worse things to do with five minutes of your life.

What do you think?

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