Wednesday, 23 December 2009

In case we hadn't noticed, it's Christmas Eve Eve.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the chance to take some time off work. Especially before the new year starts.

I guess like a lot of people, I can take a few days to transition from work- to holiday-mode.

I think that ever since I started full-time employment, I've worked until 24 December, sometimes taking the days in-between Christmas & New Year off too. Earth shattering news, I'm sure you'll agree.

This year, thanks to the way the dates fell, things getting sorted at work and the graciousness of McColleagues, I finished work on 18 December.

That's meant I had a few days to get my head together before Christmas. And it seems to have made us more organised too. Which is most excellent.

Hope you have a great Christmas.

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