Friday, 4 December 2009


In all the listening, reading and participating in *ahem* social networking, one thing screams to me as being really important.


In fact, it's important that we live life with integrity - which I think means they are authentic.

It would so easy for us to create an online persona, something that isn't us, that mis-represents who we are. It's called being double-minded. And I don't think that does anyone any favours.

I get quickly fed up with unreality. With false. With forced.

Now, I'm not saying we can't benefit from things that are un-real, or that there's no value in perceiving more than just our present circumstances - but there's so much to be said for acknowledging that we are where we are. We are here because of the journey and what happens next needs to be real.

So this little cartoon from spleenal reminded me that in everything I am - how I am as a husband, father & son, in the things I do at work and in my interactions with you, that it has to be authentic. Or it's just breath in the face of a force 10 gale.


thestatethatiamin said...

I sometimes wonder if I spend too much time on blogs - we can emphasise or minimise certain parts of ourselves and create new cyber-identities or an impression of ourselves that is less than true. Do we attract opinions from others who simply share our interests or world views?

Let's keep it real.

See you in the real world soon?


theWeir said...

It's really easy to get sucked into vicariously living in the lives of those we read about online.

However, the power of social interaction is that exposes the false. Interestingly, among Jesus followers, the opportunity is to avoid the trap of pointing at false and shouting about it, but of being gracious & loving.

Of supporting each other.

Of loving as we are loved.

Would be great to catch up in person... let's arrange that offline?!