Friday, 23 October 2009

10 years? That was quick

I've shared a few photos of the events that Jenny and I enjoyed 10 years ago today.

We got married in the old "Church of Stabrok", built in 1185, but known as St Nicholas' Kirk. It was the same building that Jenny's elder sisters were married. I loved that it was an old building, still in use and that it was small enough to feel cosy with our guests. Especially as we got married toward the end of October!

Among many clear memories of our wedding (including me bubbling like a softy as we read the vows we'd written to each other) was the day before. We drove to Balbirnie House, leaving our car there overnight. The drive was a welcome break from all the arranging and sorting out that had been going on. It was a lovely, bright and crisp day and was just the right pause for breath before the big day.

I've been thinking about all that we've enjoyed in life together since that day. Sharing and building a home together for the first time, getting used to living with someone else (more of a challenge for Jenny than for me, I'm sure) and Jenny passing her driving test in the first month was great. And I think about Jenny getting her job at Standard Life Bank, launching CDs with IndigoEcho, we bought the Pug, touring with the band, moving into and renovating our current home, more CD launches, Jenny went back to University to study Midwifery, we visited New Zealand for 7 amazing weeks, Jenny graduated with honours (not that I'm proud of her, or anything), we lost a baby, we visited New Zealand again, we bought the Astra, Jenny was pregnant, and very ill with it, babyB arrived and here we are.

Not to mention those *landmark* 21st and 30th birthdays, changes in role at work for me, trips to more local destination, celebrations, tragedies, leaving the band, trying other things and the richness that comes from living as full a life as we can. Some people have remarked that we got married very young. My reply had always been that we wanted to grow up together - and I think we're still doing that. And I love it.

I say this to boast. To boast in the Grace and Mercy of God who has kept us safe, provided for us and in Love for these 10 years. The One we have cried to and shouted about. I love my wife, my baby girl and an grateful for every day we have.

As Gary Houston would say:

"Every breath is mercy."

oh yeah, and 10 years ago, in the middle of our *first dance* (Andy Williams singing "You're just to good to be true"), our friends held up scores on our performance. Genuis, comedy and the perfect distraction from my (intentionally) bad dancing. If only we'd had You Tube back in the day, we'd have been viral video stars!

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DaveKnect said...

Nicely written bro - what a gift marriage is - to journey with one person through this life is an amazing adventure - treasure the moments - Dave R