Saturday, 21 February 2009

"stop trying to hit me, and hit me"

One of the many memorable moments in The Matrix was where Morpheus says those words to Neo. It always felt to me like he was really saying was "stop thinking about and just do it".

As I listen to people's stories to help me get better at telling stories, I find a lot of layers, lots of complexity and plenty of intrigue. I guess that's life.

But why do we like the intricacy? What is it about the analysis of something that can lead to such in-activity? Many of us have categorised a film as no good because the story wasn't interesting enough. But why? Are we so cerebral in our culture that we NEED complexity. We almost crave it. I know I enjoy the challenge of re-arraning the complex into something I can follow.  But that's not to say that complex isn't right either.

Listening to the Passion Podcast yesterday and the Something Beautiful podcast this morning there were two strong examples of the simplicity of what Jesus seems to call the Church to be. To Love God and Love people. No matter the cost. Be it our time, money and even our intellect.

Spending time with a child exposes how complex we have made things. BabyB will play with simple things, enjoy the simplest of books or at times, just be held - and that's enough. Am I that siimple in my living of life for the Kingdom of God?

NOTE: I am not advocating that we disengage our thinking. We are made this way for a reason. However, let's revel in the childlike, simple faith that walks thru life hand-in-hand with the God who makes Himself known. Let's live in the tension between understanding and faith.

God, let me live my love out loud today.

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