Friday, 29 October 2010


At work today, we got talking about the idea of having cows in the office.

In fact, we got talking about the idea of a cow on each desk. Then in a splendid moment of connected thinking, we got talking about this and this.

In a sweeping generalisation that is bound to raise the heckles of some, I would think that most Northern Hemisphere, city-dwelling folks will find the smell of cow dung pretty a little unpleasant. I'm not overly bothered by the smell, if I'm honest, how about you?


My point was that later on this afternoon, I was thinking that how do we learn what is a good or bad smell. A good or bad taste. A good or bad feeling? Anthropologists will have the minutia of this ready to educate us, I'm sure!

As the weeWeir is growing up, I'm finding myself aware of not passing on (too many of) my preferences for sensory stimulation - but equally I want her to share the joy of a delicious meal, an amazing view or an invigorating aroma.

I guess I'm learning to try and teach her what she is sensing and how to interpret that. That there's some senses there to warn about danger, I'm sure - but that as a parent I have the opportunity to shape how my daughter interprets the world, I'm certain.

What's your take?

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