Thursday, 7 October 2010

Let's be honest, flickr, you don't really miss me do you?

I like  I think it's a great way to store, share and index images.  I like the way the site looks and (mostly) how it works.  I even paid for the pro version 18 months ago to get more sets and more storage.  Earlier this year my pro status expired and I haven't yet had the inclination to renew it.  I've not been taking that many pictures of late (which isn't the best, I'll admit) so I've not had much sense of urgency about it.  Lots of other things to be doing!

Every time I log in to I get a cheery greeting and a wee reminder to sign up.  But today I noticed something a little more awkward.

You can see the picture.

Let's be honest, flickr, it's not me you miss is it...?

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TheMightyJag said...

As it happens, I've been thinking recently about upgrading to a pro account after years of having a standard one. The upload limit is a pain, but I'm not sure if Flickr does anything for $25 that Picasa doesn't do for free.

theWeir said...

It's an interesting dilemma.

I've not renewed the pro account as I'm torn between the two services. What I can't seem to find is a way to manage photos through iPhoto on the Mac and also get them uploaded easily to Picasa.

Not too fussed right now as not doing a lot with the camera. Hoping that part of things will change soon!

TheMightyJag said...

Getting back behind the camera is the main thing. Whichever host you pick, you need some good photos to put there!