Thursday, 13 August 2009

oh, it's yersel!

I was reading this blog post by Chris Hall about "being yourself at work".

It's really resonated with me - for a couple of reasons. I work for a plc. In the midst of my employer's interim results, mergers and acquisitions by other companies and the general uncertainty in the financial sector, it's very easy to get distracted from the long-game. or even from the medium-game!

A part of me lives in the moment. All I have is right now. (which leads me to ask if as a Jesus Follower, I am "in Christ" and He is God, outside of time, does that mean there's a part of us as spiritual beings who are outside of time too, but that's another blog post waiting to happen). The best I can be right now is me, and the most satisfaction I can get right now is from being the person I was made to be - no matter where I am. Does that make any sense? Does anyone else feel like that?

I believe we shape tomorrow by the way we live now. Maybe by living more as ourselves in the midst of our employers, we will contribute more, enjoy it more and ultimately feel more rewarded as a result. Our organisation has overhauled our approach to contribution management and this has the potential to change the way we view work.

Listening to SPoS yesterday, Mitch Joel made the point that we sometimes talk about work/life balance, but I think sometimes that creates an unhelpful wedge, segregating our lives more black and white than is needed. If we enjoy work more, I'm not suggesting we'll do it to the detriment of our family/friends/hobbies or other aspects of live, but we won't feel the same desire to "get to the end of the week" and "just make it to Friday". Surely that's just wishing our lives away, right?

So, have a read of what Chris had to say and see what you think. Leave a comment, if you like!

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