Friday, 7 August 2009

2030 - the future is, erm, not made yet thanks.

Rarely can I read or hear the words "The Future" without thinking of the closing scenes of Back to the Future where Doc Brown proclaims he's off to "the future" with a mystical, yet inquisitive look in his eyes.

I love that film, such a part of my teenage years.

Anyway, I read this today and was stuck by a couple of things.

* if the trends mentioned in the report then the future does look pretty interesting and I am all for the emerging of effective collaboration (ooh, buzzword!)

* we watch today's trends to get some idea of what tomorrow brings. Sometimes that so people can try and make money, or make sure we're ready/positioned to capitalise, sometimes it's just to avoid the feeling of "we don't know what's happening next! aaaaaarrrgh!"

* tomorrow hasn't happened yet. we don't know what it will bring. worrying about it isn't going to change the outcome (other than perhaps make it worse because we're caught up in even a little fear about it. that said, I think it's right to find the narrow way that shows our concern for more than simply here and now, and that we are creating our tomorrows right here and now.

When Jenny was carrying Beth, she was pretty ill. For about 5 months. A few things kept me going through that; the promise I believed God has given us about having a family and by not getting too caught up in what the outcome might be. I needed to be very present. I also had the support of our great families and friends too.

So, I think about the future and it interests me to see what people are forecasting - but if we're honest, there's few things about our lives that we can say *will* happen (other than death, but that's a whole other thing that I'm not getting into right now).

Let me live for today, in the light of what I've learned from yesterday and full of hope for tomorrow. I do wonder if Jesus-Followers are "seated in heavenly places in Christ" and God is outside of time, seeing it as one, then what does that mean for me...?

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