Thursday, 6 August 2009

A newsletter from our friendly, neighbourhood airport

I got home from work to find the second edition of "Airport", the newsletter from BAA Edinburgh.

We live 6 miles from the airport and only rarely hear the sound of planes overhead, so I find it a little odd that we get the *publication* (propoganda rag, or it that a bit harsh). Interestingly, along side all the tales of great strides to cut down nuisance noises and exciting new developments, the newsletter is full of people stories.

I think that's probably why I read it. It's basically a PR exercise. D'you think that in the past may have been a standard letter saying how great things were and to get in touch with any concerns etc, but now they've put faces to it, things are more human - more real - so we'll take notice. Seems that I did.

I like that they are reaching out to their neighbours (not that 6 miles isn't a bit of a wide net) and I like that they're using real people to make it *interesting*.

Here's hoping the next phase is a facebook fan page and a real-time flight arrivals twitter feed. If they need help with that, let me know!

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