Thursday, 4 June 2009

Why am I surprised?

So here's a funny thing. okay, so not funny, just an observation.

I've been mucking about with online social *stuff* for a number of years, after Jenny & I spent time in New Zealand and wanted to keep in touch with home. But it's really only been about 18 months since something clicked in my brain and I really got interested in what's going on.

On a personal level, I love the interaction, sharing life with people and being able to formulate an idea in words & pictures. From anywhere. But only if you want it.

Why do I enjoy sharing my life - it's not the most interesting, but it's what I've got and hopefully being alive online is helpful for others too. It seems that being connected online (thru a social network, reading friend's blogs, following people's flickr streams or coonsuming their tweets) fosters a greater level a understanding between us. At least for me it does.

Why? Because I understand a little more about the way you see the world.

This has been in my head this afternoon as I found myself in a (real world) meeting when someone I don't know other than thru LinkedIn asked how my daughter was. Then, later, @CRayDancer referred to her as babyB.

I was a little taken aback. Why? I track the traffic on my blog (thanks Google Analytics), my flickr photostream, my mobile pictures, my twitter links etc etc. I think it was the crossover to the real world (that I don't get a lot of as I don't get the privilege of live *real world* conversations with them very often. (by the way, it's one world, just different expressions of it!)

Anyway, it felt good to know that people understood some of my back-story before we spoke.

If anything it means I don't have to repeat myself!!

And what about you - do you get much cross-over between the different expressions of life?

Please share your views here!

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Stewart Cutler said...

when i was at Holy City the other night a number of people said 'I read your blog' or 'I follow you on Twitter'. It was kind of nice to know that people read it but also kind of odd because I guess people think they might know you just from our online ramblings.

I read what you write. And enjoy it!