Sunday, 7 June 2009

dinner. from a factory?

Since being on a few distillery tours when on holiday, I've had the thought of *industrialisation* of our food on my mind.  Many of the places I visited dented (if not shattered) the feelings I had that our Whisky industry in Scotland was a boutique, or cottage thing.  Still using the same tools that were used 150 years ago when things really started.  But no, in order to make the product (that's what it is, right) there's a certain amount of mechanisation required.

I guess that's inevitable with success, but it tends to take some of the *magic* out of it.  Albeit that some bright people worked hard to develop systems and machinery that can produce the quality product in the same way (even if it's not all done by a hand!).

Thinking about the industrialisation (that I recognise revolutionised the world beyond recognition and that the developing world is trying it's best to play catch-up in), this didn't help much.  (but the next post provided some hope!)

Might not see this in the UK cinemas, but I imagine it's a story we could all learn something from!  Gets me thinking about stewardship of resources and stuff like that.  And makes me want to cry about our lack of respect for life.

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