Monday, 19 January 2009

restoring dreams

I've been a sucker for moments of family restoration for a long time. Even the most trite of film plots, the most contrived of stories can make my eyes turn to glass - and occasionally leak - when people get over their differences, forgive each other or simply get re-united.

Basically I'm a soft touch.

I think it's harder to get caught up in a moment of reconciliation when you don't know some of the back story, but those contrived storylines only show you enough to get the response they want. when we know the full story, sometimes the reconciliation is not so emotionally fulfilling.

Thinking about highly-charged situations like in Gaza at the moment, it's hard to think of moments of reconciliation with so much bloodshed - so much heartache on all sides. But they will be happening. They will not be glamourous, or overly dramatic, but they will be real. And I think it's the realily that I get reminded of when watching scenes like that on TV.

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