Wednesday, 14 January 2009

it seems I was wrong

That can be a hard thing to admit sometimes, but there's something powerful and disarming about being able to hold up your hand and admit your failings.

I was reminded of this when watching this interview with Phil Scolari - basically saying he made the mistake. I like that. I take what he said at face value, it gives people no where else to go. Watch it here.

Then (after writing the previous paragraphs and those after this one), I was on a course today and we were talking about the choices we have - being honest is one of them.  While on the way home from the course I then heard people talking on the radio about another instance of honesty.

So this is not a public confession that I'm responsible for the recent turmoil in the financial structure of the world (TM). I simply didn't remember something when I wrote this.

When speaking with my Dad about my chat the other day, he said "you clearly don't remember much about your younger years". "Huh?", I said....

It seems that when I was old enough to get up & out of bed before Mum & Dad, I used to go downstairs (so muct have been over 2...) and try to put music on their music centre (remember those). How did they found this out? I knew where the volume control was, then where the tape player was and finally the power switch. So one morning, Mum & Dad got woked up by some *insanely* loud music....

Dad quickly showed me how loud was ok - and how to wear headphones!

Apparently, my favourite/preferred tape was by Jim Gilbert - because he looked like Mum & Dad's friend Bill. Yes, I wanted to listen to "uncle Bill's tape".


So there you have it - the truth is often more than we remember. And we can be all the richer for knowing the truth.  Certainly be free-er

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