Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The first rule of politics...? Get involved

Right, I'm back on the mic proper again - got loads to say, just not making time to say it.

However, today while eating lunch, I watched Al Gore's presentation at TED 2007 - on that most Gore-ite of topics; the *climate crisis*. No matter what you views of that particular topic, there's something in what he said that resonated with me. Not about the climate, the current US presedential administration or about the future, but about our attitude. This got me enthused.

He quoted Gandhi* who encouaged people to "be the change that you want to see in the world", and challenged the TED audience that while they probably all buy into the climate crisis and take local (personal) action, they (and we?) can be very slow to take regional or national action.

Gore was not inciting violence, or encouraging hatred of those who don't follow one side or the other, but he was, I think he was echoing the words of one of the biblical Apostles, James, who said "be doers of the word [God's teaching], not just hearers" (James 1:22). (interesting commentary on this stuff here).

This challenge James gives is to not simply be a great believer, but to express our belief, our passion, our convictions as an outworking of God's love in our lives. And how did I get there from Al Gore? Well, watch the video and there's a challenge to be more than just someone who changes their lightbulbs, buys a Prius and sticks solarpanels on their roof, but someone who interacts with others, sharing their views, listening to other perspectives and being salt and light to those you connect with. To encourage others, learn from them and ultimately to see the tide of public opinion change.

I caution the call to action be suggesting you read Clive's post on activity... reminds me of something I wrote 18 mths ago that I hope to blog about later in the week. Also, have a read of Mark Driscoll's chat on evangelism. (I might not agree with everything he says on other stuff, but loved this).

So, what do you think - do you need to be more open about what you believe? I think I do. Not in a waving it in people's faces, I'm right, you're wrong, dogmatic nonsense. Just expressing ourselves in a real, alive to life way.

What sayest thou?

(*on a side note I watched Richard Attenburgh's biopic of Gandhi, enjoyed it, feeding my facination with the Indian sub-continent...)

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