Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Give us your courage

In the last week, I've heard, read and watched a few things all about courage.

I re-watched the edition of Top Gear where the three protagonists drove through some of the most perilous conditions in Central America in fairly dubious vehicles. Say what you like about these guys, but it will have taken courage to drive in those conditions. Even if there were a support crew not all that far away.

Then at church on Sunday, we were challenged to consider what it means to have courage in your convictions. To stand for what (and who) you believe in. In that context, we were looking at Paul talking about the Hope of Glory - not simply an eternal thing, but a here and now thing. Courage it seems, is a lot easier when you have hope. Hope that God has your back.

Later on Sunday, I watched The Kite Runner. As is usual for me at the moment, there were tears. But there was also the appreciation of great storytelling and the need for courage in the face of injustice. And in the face of out-and-out fear. What makes people overcome that fear? Is it shame? Is it a need to make things right?

Then I saw this Indexed card yesterday.

There's often a courage needed to choose to not complain, but to learn.

To stop and listen (as the playgroup teachers encourage the weeWeir to do when they would like her attention).

And then the courage to take that learning and deliver something exceptional.

Like a life filled with hope.

Or a word of grace when it would be easier to shout and bawl.

To get back on the bike and go for it after we've fall off.

It's so often easier to just walk away.

But that's not going to help anyone in the long term. Is it?

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