Thursday, 13 May 2010

Local People, Local Clothes, Local Schools, Local People

A few things are happening over the next two weeks or so to encourage people to give away things they don't need. At the 1st April, welivesimply encouraged people to give away things they don't use or need any more - it was then captured under the twitter #tag #foolpurge.

I can only report getting rid of a few old t-shirts that were surplus to requirements. We handed a few bags of clothes into our local Help the Aged shop.

Then I saw that this event was happening in the United States: Give your stuff away on 15 May. That's this weekend.

Pretty cool. If you are in the US: GET INVOLVED!

Then I read that there's something similar happening in the Scotland: Pass it on day on 5 June. That's in three weekends time.

In the meantime, our local school, Broxburn Academy now has a textile bank and a collection due on 23 June with all funds going to supply planners for the kids. Interestingly, the company involved are Rag Bag, based in Denny and employing 200 people in Scotland. Which is pretty cool too.

Clearly, the more we reuse, the less we waste and put into landfill. The less we need to buy new *stuff*. So, get involved wherever you can and see what you can give to someone else!

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