Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lens: What am I nurturing?

I'm reminded of the tension of parenthood.

Often we hear that people "weren't brought up to behave like that". Or "he's not normally like that".

A recent experience of being around other parents and children (a good thing) left me thinking about how we protect our children from evil. From injustice. From suffering. It's because we love them and want the best for them right?

And protecting them from self-obsession.

How we bring the reality of life, how to handle feelings of rejection and being lied to are all influenced by our worldview. Our worldview is shaped by our lens. And our lens is formed by our surroundings.

And so it's easy to see how the way I view the world will have an impact on the weeWeir. If the way I see the world is with eyes of hope, faith and love, then let that be real for her. If I see the world as doomed, failed and wretched then I'm not sure she'd want to hang around here all that much.

Lord, let my lens be clean, clear and centred on Your reality. That you love the world and gave your life for us.

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