Saturday, 29 November 2008

back on the mic, this time on the blogger platform


How's it going?  It's been a while, yeah, I know.  Sorry about that.  So, you've been well?  How about the rest of you keeping quiet at the back?

So following a great post by Mitch Joel, I'm getting my act together, staying up even later than intended and writing for you all.  How nice of me, eh?

A few months ago, in conversation with a friend while walking around the streets of Edinburgh at lunchtime, we got on the topic of the public/private *you*.  It stemmed from the age-old political argument that who we are in our private life is nothing to do with who we are in public.

That's rubbish.

That's what I said.

Politics aside, I'm really not sure that we can be true to who we are if we separate ourselves.  It's like the notion that you can separate the secular and the sacred.  If the public me is fearless and care-free, but the private me is fearful and consumed by caution then I must duplicitous - right? 

If the private you couldn't care less about your impact on the environment, taking 100 flights a year, not giving a moment of thought about the amount of resources you consume - but the public you is bleating about the number of trees, amounts of oil and harmful waste in the water systems, then you can't be genuine in either thing.  

D'you know what I'm trying to say?

I think we are meant to be connected.  Holistic.  I'll explain why another day (maybe even tomorrow).  We are meant to connect to each other, to connect the disparate and varying parts of our lives by being ourselves in all circumstances, without being arrogant or disregarding others or considering ourselves *better* than others.

What do you think?  Do you agree?

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